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M103/104 H-beam Conrods

Forged High Performance conrods for M103/104 Engines

Center to Center Length: 143/145/147mm

Big End Bore Diameter: 51,6mm

Big End Width: 22mm

Small End Bore Diameter: 22mm

Conrods come incl. 3/8 ARP 2000 rod bolts

Rod bolt torque: 67nm

Compression ratios:

C/C 143mm

M103.98X 9,2 to 7,7

M104.980 10 to 8,5

M104.99X 10 to 8,5

C/C 145mm

M103.98X Stock compression ratio

M104.980 Stock compression ratio

M104.99X Stock compression ratio

C/C 147mm

M104.94X (2,8L) 10to 8,5

Price for 1 set: 740,-€ incl. 19% VAT., + Shipping

Please contact us for shipping costs and order.

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